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            Postage, handling & insurance will be determined by the order and ship-to location.
            If remitting by mail, inquire to use for the amount to be added.
            The p/h throughout the Catalog may not reflect the amount for your order.

            * STAINS *

            POWDER STAINS ... can be mixed with shellac if alcohol soluble.

            Some are alcohol (al), water (w) &/or oil (o) soluble.

            Instructions for use available. Click Here.

            NIGROSENE...al/sol   $6.25

            Use with shellac to touch up black surfaces; bed plates, cabinet parts.

            GREEN al/w sol   $6.25

            Use on early turn-of-the-century, "new style" model 'A' Edison cylinder phonographs.

            LT. OAK   $6.25
            RED MAHOGANY al/w sol   $6.25
            BLOOD RED...w sol   $6.25
            ENGLISH OAK...w sol                                                                                                     $6.25
            WALNUT..   al/o sol                                                                                                         $6.25
            AMERICAN WALNUT... w sol                                                                                       $6.25
            LEMON YELLOW... al sol                                                                                              $6.25
            ADAMS BROWN
            ... al sol                                                                                               $6.25

            (Call or E-mail for P/H)

            SISAL $3.00

            Coarse fiber used to rub off paste wood fill bag. Recommended as replacement for steel wool where maximum abrasion is required. Eliminated danger of unsightly scratches. Requires a little more knowledge and effort for superior results.

            SAND PAPER 1 sheet $1.50

            Coarse (120 grit) or Medium (220 grit). Use dry on wood or metal after using filler etc.

            WET/DRY PAPER 1 sheet $ 1.50

            Medium (220) or Fine (320) or Extra Fine (600). Use with oil or water between coats of finish.

            PUMICE STONE $4.95

            Instructions for use available. Click here!

            ROTTEN STONE $4.95

            Ultra-fine polishing powder.

            Instructions for use available. Click here!

            Always use gloves when working with finishing products. These are good to use when staining etc.

            * WOOD CARE *

            WOOD CLEANER $9.95

            12 oz. aerosol can. Cleans deep and fast, yet not abrasive. Pulls out dirt, soil, grease waxes, old polish, and residues. May even save you from refinishing!

            Instructions for use available. Click here!

            KOTTON KLENSER CREAM WOOD CLEANER 1 pint  N/A at this time
            try Spray Cleaner: above
            Cleans & rejuvenates cases. (Specify for wood.)

            WAX, wipe on 1 oz. bottle $1.95 8 oz. $9.95

            Easy to use. Long lasting sheen. Does not build up on finish.

            TOUCH-UP WAX 8 oz. bottle $9.95

            Wipe on. Specify color. Light (oak, ash), Med. (maple), Dark (mahogany, walnut), Red (cherry, mahog.).

            * WATER-SLIDE DECALS *

            Accurate copies of the original designs. Easy to use. After application, coat decal with a thin layer of orange shellac or clear lacquer.

            VICTOR - Water-slide decals

            V-1W Trade Mark Horn Decal for Metal Horns $7.95
            V-2W Trade Mark Horn Decal for Wood Horns $8.95
            V -4W Gold Stenciling for Back Brackets ea. set $13.95

            We will lacquer your back bracket and apply these decals under a coat of clear lacquer for about $50 to $75. Send for quote. Pack and insure well.

            EDISON - Water-slide Decals

            E-1W - 'EDISON' CASE DECAL.

            Used on Edison phonographs and Diamond Disc cabinets after 1904.

            Each $4.00 2 for $7.25

            E-2W - 'THOMAS A. EDISON TRADE MARK'.

            Gold 'Umbrella signature' used on all Edison black metal bedplates.

            Each $4.00 2 for $7.25

            E-3W - 'GEM'.

            For metal body of Gem models. Also available in Solvent Transfer.

            Each $4.00 2 for $7.25

            E-4W - EDISON HORN Umbrella design only DECAL.

                Specify: GEM, Standard, Home, Fireside, or Cygnet.

            Each    $4.00 2 for $7.25

            E-4BW - Small patent decal only.

            Each $3.25

            COLUMBIA - Water Slide Decals

            C-1W - Disc Graphophone Decal.

            Each $4.50 2 for $8.25


            * VARNISH TRANSFERS *

            Same as original. Use with solvent (available) or finishing medium. Prefer professional method transfers inc only to the cabinet.

            Instructions for use available. Click here!

            EDISON BANNERS


            Superior quality in varnish transfer banners. Six Colors used... Gold, Med. Gold, Lt. Gold, Brown, Lt. Brown, & Black, printed on Silver base. Can be applied with varnish, spirit varnish, shellac, banana liquid, or solvent. Instructions included.

            E-5-T STANDARD $12.95 transfer
            $8.95 waterslide
            E-5-W HOME $10.00
            Waterslide decal only
            E-5-T GEM $12.00
            E-5-T TRIUMPH $18.00
            E-5-T CONCERT $20.00

            E-3-T - 'GEM'.

            Gold for Edison Gem bodies.

            Each $4.00 2 for $7.25



            Mix 10 parts water to 1 part solvent. Can be used in stronger concentrations for removal of transfers.

            1 Dram. $2.95

            * METAL CARE *
            (Call or E-mail for P/H)

            NEVR-DULL 5 oz. can $8.95
            "Magic wadding polish". For light tarnish on brass or any metal. Ideal for regular maintenance polishing.

            SIMICHROME POLISH 50 gram tube $14.95 250 gram can $39.95
            A very mild abrasive polishing paste paste compound. Excellent for removing old tarnish from brass horns and other metals.

            KOTTEN KLENSER METAL CREAM CLEANER 1 Pint N/A at this time
            try products listed above  
            Removes tarnish, grease and discolorations from all metals. Will not remove varnish or lacquer. (specify for metal)

            Replate nickel or copper parts. Uses current from any 3 to 6 volt D.C. supply or batteries. Plating brush connects to positive voltage and part being plated connects to negative. KIT includes 1 of each copper and nickel compound, plating brush with connectors and instructions.

            Instructions for use available. Click here!

            Ex-Rust chemically combines with the rust, neutralizing the ferrous oxide. Immerse the parts in a dilution of Ex-Rust concentrate or wipe the concentrate on and wash it off.

            KROIL - THE OIL THAT CREEPS 8 oz bottle $8.95

            Loosens frozen metal parts. Dissolves rust and gummed oil, and supplies lubrication.

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