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            Our APSCO supply catalogue may be viewed and printed from our website, sections at a time.
            For a bound paper copy, send $7.00 cash, check or money order, if being shipped in the States to:

            PO BOX 123
            DAVENPORT CENTER, NY 13751

            Our supply catalog is divided into four sections. Each section covers all the major manufacturers of acoustic, mechanical record players. The Victor Talking Machine Co., The Edison Phonograph Co., and the American (Columbia) Graphophone Co., are each given their own subdivisions in each section.

            The Sonora, Aeolian, Brunswick, Standard, Pathe, Zonophone, U-2, and any other brands will be listed under 'Other Makers'. We manufacture most commonly needed parts. We hold an accuracy worthy of the original manufacturers. We have experts available to answer any technical questions presented to us by our customers.

            ~ Books & Accessories ~ Cabinet Care & Refinishing

            ~ Sound Boxes & Horns ~ Motor Parts

            Wholesale/Quantity Discounts


            The Antique Phonograph Supply Co. has been in the full-time business of selling and servicing spring-operated phonographs for over 40 years. We do expert repairs, complete rebuilding, and make many size steel mainsprings for your wind-up phonographs. We have accumulated a vast inventory of original motors and parts, too numerous to list here.  Inquire with your specific needs.

            Satisfaction Guaranteed!

            All parts, rebuilding and complete machines are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and materials.

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            Email: apsco@antiquephono.com
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